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Who we are

At Granville Energy, our commitment goes beyond delivering exceptional products. We prioritize the seamless journey of our stakeholders, ranging from distributors to end-users, ensuring unparalleled service and support at every step.

By offering high-performance energy solutions and safeguarding the quality of our clients’ experience, we aim to breathe new life into Africa’s potential and redefine its position as a global leader in technological and sustainable innovation.

Our Approach

The journey towards the future of energy

Social & Environmental Stability

As a general rule, everything we do must be implemented in a way that creates additional opportunities for everyone involved, while maintaining and/or improving environmental equilibrium in the affected areas.

Research & Development

From virtual energy trading platforms, to inverters that enable smart-home living, everything we do will serve to enhance the energy experience of all future and existing clients, and ultimately redefine Africa’s relationship with energy.

Authority Stats

Clean and Sustainable Power for a Billion Africans by 2050


Granville Energy was founded


Installers worldwide


employees and personnel around the world

67.5 millions

metric tons of CO₂e offset, equivalent to providing 3.5 million homes with

4.5 million

systems deployed in more than 15 African countries

Approx. 72 million

imverters shipped worldwide

64.2 TWh

cumulativr shipment of inverters

Approx. 23 GW DC

cumulative shipments of PVs

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Clean and Sustainable Power for a Billion Africans by 2050

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